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GPS Trax

Stay tuned with your loved ones …

GPS Trax - Traxfamily

Success Company and product GPS Trax Netzon been partner with since February 2013. A really smart GPS tracker for Children and pets Trax is a tiny GPS-tracker that can be located practically anywhere, at any time. Just launch the mobile app and you’ll see the tracker moving in real time on a map. Create safe zones, (GEO-fences) get notified about fast movements and keep track of distances. Trax is water proof, packed with the latest technology and comes with two years of free roaming.

Trax is all about your loved ones being safe – and it could very well be the most important product you’re buying this year. It’s durable, affordable and getting started is as easy as a breeze.

Netzon deliver apps for iOS & Android, as well as some programming to them on regular basis.
Industry: Economy, Lifestyle
Stockholm, Sweden